We offer hemp farmers and manufacturers turnkey solutions to add value to their crop. We are a one-stop shop with the rare ability to convert your biomass into your choice of:

– Organic hemp extract
– Organic hemp distillate
– Organic finished products (tinctures, salve, lotion, massage oil, etc.)




We are farmers too.

We have been farming hemp since 2015. Our farm has been organic certified since 2016 and is also Real Organic Project certified.

We know the amount of work and investment required to produce quality hemp. By using our organic hemp extraction services, you leverage our 7+ years of hemp extraction expertise, servicing some of the leading CBD players in the world.

Leverage our highly-tuned extraction process.

We process hemp like no one else does.

Organic ethanol allows us to holistically capture the complete spectrum of active components. Our proprietary process targets active ingredients while leaving undesirables (wax, chlorophyll, lipids, etc.) behind. The result is a very clean winterized extract with a beautiful dark amber color and superb taste. As such, it does not require further distillation and may be used directly into ingestible, topical or vaping products.

This is a game changer on multiple fronts: not only does it save you the costs associated with distillation, it also preserves the spectrum which is adversely affected by further processing/distillation. The extract we craft comes with an exceptional spectrum of actives, which is the key to efficacy. With peak efficacy comes loyal and thankful customers!

Our Exceptional Spectrum Extract in a nutshell:

– Outstanding efficacy
– No further distillation needed
– Exceptional spectrum for actives
– Great taste
– Directly usable in retail products
– Organic certified
– Kosher certified
– Non GMO.

Organic CBD extraction Lab - SubZero Extracts


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