What Sets Us Apart


We are farmers too. From regenerative agriculture to organic manufacturing you can count on us at ever step in the process.


We are a USDA Organic certified facility. Quality, purity and consistency are guaranteed.


With 7+ years in the market already, we have cultivated an expertise that shines through in your finished product.


We are not brokers, agents or distributors.
we are the people doing the work. Dealing with us avoids confusion and saves you time and money


Our proprietary cold processing in the lab guarantees exceptionally full spectrum products.


We are a mission-driven company with deep passion for the healing powers of hemp. We never cut corners.

Quality. Value.

Whether you want to create your own new CBD brand or add a line of
USDA Organic certified CBD products to your brand, working with
Sub-Zero will save you time and money.

We manufacture high quality:

– organic hemp organic extract,
– organic hemp distillate
– organic retail-ready hemp/CBD products (white/private label)

Our unparalleled quality is built on three pillars:

– Proprietary hemp genetics developed over the past 7 years to achieve an unmatched spectrum of actives
– Organic, regenerative farming in sunny Colorado
– Proprietary highly tuned in extraction process, aimed at capturing the fullest spectrum of actives (while leaving undesirables behind).


 As a boutique extractor/manufacturer, our focus is and always has been creating the best quality hemp products on the market. Our reputation precedes us and the brands we power have achieved tremendous commercial success. Quality means pleasantly stunned customers and outstanding repeat business rates.
Our full spectrum hemp extracts are so pure, with impeccable taste and color, that they do not require further distillation. They can be used in ingestible, topical and vape products. This allows you not only to save on the cost of further processing but also to maintain the full spectrum of actives (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, micronutrients…), which is the key to efficacy, and ultimately to commercial success.

You can now leverage our 7 years of R&D and experience in the CBD space (farming, extracting and manufacturing) to power your brand with the highest quality ingredients and products out there.

We farm, extract and manufacture all in one location.
Our facility is FDA registered, USDA Organic certified, Kosher certified and cGMP certified.
Our organic hemp farm is USDA Organic and Real Organic Project certified.

Contact us today to talk about your project: sales@sub-zeroextracts.com – Phone: (970) 984-8778 or (303) 929-9345

Here’s How it Works

What You Do:

-Select the prodcuts you need
-Design your own labels
-Focus on selling

What We Do:

-Farm the organic hemp
-Extract high quality organic hemp extract
-Manufacture your finished products
-Handle Compliance, QC and 3rd Party Testing
-Ship market-ready products over to you

White & Private Label

Launch & Grow Your Organic CBD Line

Please contact  us for current pricing

sales@sub-zeroextracts.com – phone: (970) 984-8778 or (303) 929-9345