Our mission is to offer the highest quality organic hemp products available. Our values of quality, safety, and sustainability shine through in our work.

Exceptional Quality

Ask anyone who has been in the hemp/CBD space for a few years: Sub-Zero comes with a reputation for exceptional quality. Our dedication to exceptional quality is built on years of R&D, investment and efforts. We have applied these efforts in very concrete ways, that benefit our customers directly

Proprietary hemp genetics: 

our hemp breeding program has been 7 years in the making. It has allowed us to create a breed called Sankalpa (Sanskrit for extreme resolve) with a constant focus on spectrum and therapeutics. – While most other operators have been focusing their efforts on breeding high strains with high CBD content, we took the opposite route and instead focused on creating a variety with exceptional minors and active spectrum. Less profitable at first sight but the results are far more efficacious and impressive.

Fully integrated organic farming operation:

deeply in tune with regenerative agriculture practices (reduced tillage, cover+companion cropping, inoculations and microbe focused feeding). Our hemp farm has been organic certified since 2016 and Real Organic Project certified since 2020.

Proprietary Cold Extraction Process: 

Sub-Zero Extraction Temperatures allow us to leave behind plant waxes and chlorophyll, because doing it right the first time is better than employing further processing to “clean up” a low purity extract. Our highly tuned extraction method holistically captures the full spectrum of actives to deliver peak efficacy to finished products At Sub-Zero, we are vertically integrated with full control over every aspect and every phase of the quality process, from seed to bottle. We have been at the forefront of the organic hemp/CBD industry since 2015. Our farm and facility are located in Colorado, abou an hour east of Denver airport.

Our guarantees

  • Exceptional spectrum of actives for maximum efficacy
  • cGMP certified facility
  • FDA registered facility
  • USDA Organic certified finished product
  • Kosher certified finished product
  • Tremendous experience and expertise
  • You will be treated with respect and dignity